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Six whole days exclusive to exploring and making - and drawing skills to boot!

Each day is different. From fired story pots, fish pots and tiles to shadow puppets and plays and intense and fun painting days. There is so much to choose from - so much to make and do. YOUR children get the chance to get really creative - use new materials - think about things in new ways - all in a day through these fun acitivities for 7 to 13 year olds - see details below...


Thursday 21st - Friday 22nd   10am - 4pm

Fired Story Pot

Develop a story. Make drawings, paintings and printmaking and a clay coil pot. We will work both individually and collaboratively on developing and visualising characters and our ideas.  Each student will make their own coil pot and use  scraffito/slip technique to draw on their pot to illustrate their story.  All pots will be fired.

Two day workshop £66   Pots will be fired.   All Materials included.



Monday 25th July   10am - 4pm

Puppets, Plays, Masks, World in a Box

Making a story together in small groups and then working towards scripting and performing a shadow puppet play.   Each artist will make one of the characters into a mask or make "a world in a box".  The shadow plays will be performed to the parents/ carers at the end of the day.

One day workshop £28   Sibling £24



Thursday 28th July    10.00 – 4.00

Fired Clay Fish - print, paint and draw

Make paintings, drawings and prints from looking at real fish. Make a clay (dragon or ) fish pot with textured, painted surface (fired).

One day workshop - £32   Sibling £27



Monday 1st August 10.00 – 4.00

Explore Painting workshop

We will develop our drawing skills, do some collaborative colour mixing games and explore painting techniques. Together we will investigate themes. We will use overhead projectors to help us to arrange our drawings before painting. 

One day workshop £32  Sibling £27



Tues 2nd August   10.00 - 4.00

Fired Clay tiles - print, paint and draw

Make drawings and paintings from looking at real fish. Use Gyotaku - the Japanese art of fish printing. Make relief clay tiles with texture and slip and scraffito to illustrate a fish or extraordinary beast (fired)

One day workshop £32  Sibling £27

Below - some images from our Summer 2016 Summer Clay Days.  Three full days filled with clay making and drawing.  Each day was different, each day was fun!

Clay windchimes

July 2015 Coloured clay windchimes for outdoors   We used 3 different coloured clays to make pieces for an out of doors windchime or mobile. Students made small clay objects to hang on their windchime or mobile as well as clay chimes.  Work was fired.

July 2015  We drew each other and then spent some time sculpting human figures and heads in clay - clay work was fired

July 2015  Plaster casting from relief tiles  Children brought in small objects to press into the clay to make the relief - and there were plenty of other objects available.Children learnt the process of plaster casting and positive and negative relief. 




 Below: a regular Children's Art Studio student using the technique of Scraffito on raw clay (was fired later).