BIG Draw Launch 2017- Ruskin in Sheffield "Animation" : 3 activities - one day, simultaneously!

 Making a clay world - explore and discover - BIG Draw 2017






The underground tunnel system of 5 tunnels all meeting up is explained to me.  Stories were told by the makers as the making went on.  It was a sight to behold : creativity at it's rawest.

Drawing the Rivelin at the BIG Draw 2017




Terracotta relief tiles in homage to Benjamin Creswick of Walkley, Sheffield (discovered by John Ruskin) - BIG Draw 2017



Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield - Spring Fair 2017

Public Drop-in drawing and print workshop: Draw herons, make nests, draw eggs and print leaves and bugs







BIG DRAW  : STEAM  (Science - Technology - Engineering - Art - Maths) September - November 2016

All Groups

14+ Group: This is how we started getting our ideas together: Investigations through layered mixed media drawings

 14+ class- Y9 student starting to make a large monoprint which she continued over a series of sessions... be continued...

And all groups made charcoal pen and graphite studies from observation...

 The 7-12's making investigations and designs for their steam punk robots...

Ideas gathering...

To be continued....

Manor Oaks Open Studios November 2016  - Drawing and Printmaking Drop-in Workshops


The mural begins...


Deer, leaves and birds drawn or printed by the public of Sheffield

HILLSFEST  Arts Festival, Sheffield 2016

Thanks you everyone involved in Hillsfest - including all of the people who came and contributed to the large drawing mural in the Activity Dome...

Day 1







Day 2











the little ARt studio is an art school offering high quality visual arts courses to children, teens as well as schools, other institutions and venues


Curbar School, Derbyshire July 2017 - a day with Y6

Operation Starfish WW11

A collage of wax resist and ink, monoprinting, printmaking and mark-making techniques with Y6 4.5m x 1.5m



 Westways Primary - Big Draw 2015


BIG Draw 2016  Westways Primary School October 2015

Theme (What did you see) " Down the Rabbit Hole" ?   Entire school postcard project.

 Below: KS1




Grenoside Primary School 2016  Gallery Rebels "Salon" (below)